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Investors Choice Account

Investors Choice Account
Competitive Fixed interest rates
Compounded quarterly
Guaranteed rates for a year
No withdrawal penalties2
Add deposits to original balance


C&F Bank's Investors Choice Account is an investment instrument with a 12-month term that has a fixed rate of interest and includes very unique and beneficial features for your business. Existing customers with C&F bank may take advantage of the interest bearing account, giving you access to deposit and withdraw abilities without fees.

Features Include:

  • $5,000 minimum opening requirement
  • Customers must have an active checking, savings, or money market accounts with C&F Bank¹
  • You may add a minimum of $500 at any time
  • One penalty-free withdrawal per calendar quarter is allowed during the 12-month term2
  • You will receive a receipt for each deposit made into the account
  • If rates drop, you can continue to take advantage of this rate until the 12-month term is complete
  • No paper certificates to maintain and worry about misplacing.
  • Automatic renewal with no customer information
  • Compounded quarterly interest
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¹Retail oriented business, or personal accounts may open an account. No broker deposits or Individual Retirement Accounts. State, county, or municipal accounts are not eligible.

2Penalties will be incurred for withdrawals exceeding 1 per calendar quarter