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Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit or CD's
Competitive interest rates
Flexible Terms
Automatic Renewal


C&F Bank’s certificates of deposit (CDs) give you flexible terms and competitive rates with automatic renewal services. Enjoy a fixed rate of interest with flexible terms from 1 – 72 months.

Increase your Certificate of Deposit return with CD Laddering!

Ladder the terms on your CD's and maximize your total return - See the example below to understand how CD Laddering works!

  • Open an Investors Choice CD and receive the current listed rate
  • Open an Investors Choice CD and a 32-month CD and receive a .05% increase on the current rate listed on the 32-month CD
  • Open an Investors Choice CD, a 32-month CD, and a 60-month CD and receive a .10% increase on both the current 32 and 60 month listed rates

All increases are added to the current C&F Bank board rates for the 32-month and 60-month CD rates. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal and this offer is subject to change without notice.

Additional Features Include:

  • Flexible terms and competitive interest rates
  • Higher rates for compounding or auto credit to another C&F checking or savings account
  • Interest paid by check, auto credit to another account or compounded quarterly to the certificate
  • Automatic renewal
  • Accessible through online banking and C&F Mobile Banking
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