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Looking for a Home Equity Line of Credit? Let us take care of the closing costs.

8.50% APR*

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*The Annual Percentage Rate could range from Prime (currently 8.50%) to Prime + 1.50% (currently 10.00%) based on your line amount, combined loan-to-value (CLTV), beacon score and other factors. Although the Prime Rate is 8.50%, the Bank has set a rate floor of 4.50% and a rate ceiling of 18.00% as of 2/1/2024. Prime as of 2/1/2024 was 8.50% as indexed in the Wall Street Journal. C&F Bank will pay the following closing costs: Tax Tracking fee, Credit Report cost, Appraisal fee, Lender’s Title Insurance Policy, Deed of Trust recording cost, Settlement fee, and Flood Determination fee. APR is based on the assumption that the finance charge may include these closing costs. Closing cost reimbursement is required if line is closed within the first three years. Interest on your home equity line of credit may be tax deductible, consult a tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest. An increased line amount of $25,000.00 is required for refinancing an existing C&F Bank debt. Maximum loan amount of $200,000. This loan offer is subject to change without notice and is subject to credit approval. Homeowners insurance and taxes are still required to be paid on this loan. Other terms and rates are available.


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